Baby Baldness?

I came across a rather interesting article called "Battling Baby Baldness". I was very intrigued to say the least. Apparently many babies who are too young to stand/sit on their own suffer from a small bald spot on the back of their head due to laying down all of the time.

Newnan mom Victoria Walton actually did, after her perfectly healthy baby girl, Amira, started losing a patch of delicate hair on the back of her head.

But it wasn’t enough to camouflage Amira’s “cul-de-sac of hairs” look, so Walton began stitching squares of satin to place under her head whenever she lay her down. The idea: Less friction means less rubbing and shedding.

That homespun invention has evolved into a commercial enterprise: Infant Hair Protector, now available in pink and blue both online and at a handful of children’s stores across metro Atlanta.

While it might seem a nonessential item in a tough economy, Walton says the first batch of 1,200, made a few months ago, are well on their way to selling out.

What prompted her to take action?

“For me, it was so noticeable,” Walton said about the balding that affected her daughter, and then her infant son. “And it’s really unsightly and odd-looking to see a baby like that, especially if you look at the back of the head and see it.”

Not that a balding baby is unusual. In fact, it’s perfectly normal, even common, for babies to shed their newborn hair, the American Academy of Pediatrics says. The hair typically grows back within a few months, and as the baby moves around more, this type of hair loss should correct itself.

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Well, I personally feel that unless the infant is in pain, the worry a bit of hair falling out, especially when it is a completely normal occurrence, is simply an issue of the mother's vanity. Not that I would judge anyone for purchasing one! I just don't think that I would bother myself. What does everyone think of this invention? Is it something that you would gladly hand over $24.99 plus S&H for? Or do you think this it is an unnecessary precaution and a waste of money? I would love to hear feedback.