Another glowing review for No Slippy.

A fantastic little blog called "Shop With me Mama" wrote a really sweet review of our clips and headbands recently. The woman behind Shop With me Mama is Kim, a stay at home Mom with two small children. As she says on her blog:

Yep, I'm honest :)

*NOTE: On ALL of my product reviews, I am honest and give my honest opinions on the product/s I am sent to review. If there is something about the product that I dislike, I will tell the company first, and if they still want me to review their product for them, I will post it, if not, I will not do a review on the product upon the companys request. So, if all you see on my website and blog is POSITIVE reviews, that is why*

So it really is wonderful to hear that she is so impressed with our products. Here is a snippet of what she had to say:

I noticed right away the difference these barrettes had between the ones on the market. The No Slippy Hair Clippies are just that, not slippery and don't slide out of hair unless you make them. What makes them so different? Well, they fully wrap each hair clip in the highest-quality Swiss Velvet, so it's always soft against your baby girls head, it will never tug on her fine hair, and they tuck a small, safe magnet under the velvet to create a secure, guaranteed non-slip clasp. How neat is that? I can tell just by the feel of these clips that they are indeed comfortable. My daughter is not one to keep things in her hair for very long, what 19 month old does? But, it did last a little longer with these cute barrettes. Still, when she was done, she was done, LOL! But in her fine hair, these did stay put and looked fabulous!

I recommend these to any Mom struggling with their little girls fine hair, trying to find barrettes that stay put! I next tried the adorable head bands. Super cute on and off. I am not sure if I noticed a real difference between the headbands and the headbands that are on the market now, but I did notice they are a lot cuter than most!

Here is a few photos of her adorable little girl wearing No Slippy:

Here Presley is wearing our Silk Flower Headband in Lavender.

Below, Presley is wearing our Audrey Baby Bow in Pink.

To read the entire review and others that Kim has written, visit her website: