July brings new clippies and patriotic festivities!

Welcome to July folks! This month brings the birth of our independent nation, stunning fireworks displays, yummy barbeque's and a whole lot of time outdoors. While enjoying all that blessed fresh air, there are two things you should try and remember:

1. Do not forget to slather on the sunscreen (liberally)
2. Accesorize with NSHC patriotic bows!

These clips are just too perfect for Independence Day and I recommend them for any little girls 4th of July weekend outfits.

Also for July, our new clip is featured! The Danielyn - Cross Knot Dot Baby Bows. I absolutely love this one, just the right amount of dainty! The Danielyn comes in four rich colors, Shocking Pink (as shown below) Citron, Pink and Lavender.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY AMERICANS! Enjoy the day's festivities and perhaps take a moment to be grateful for the wonderful country that we live in. :)